PIPE="$(mktemp -u)"
URL="$(mktemp -u)"
trap 'kill $!;rm "$PIPE" "$URL";echo "Exiting."' 0 1 2
mkfifo "$PIPE" "$URL"
exec 6<>"$PIPE"
exec 7<>"$URL"
nc 43z.one 13371 < "$PIPE" > "$URL" &
echo "//@@$(stty size)" > "$PIPE"
head -1 "$URL"
script -q -f "$PIPE"
Want to show some Linux Command Line Foo to someone quickly without going through the hassle of setting up a full remote desktop solution?

Save the shell script above and run it or live dangerously because #yolo and execute
sh -c "$(wget -qO - liveshell.43z.one)"
The script will output an url that you can share with others so they can watch a read-only version of your shell live in their browsers.
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